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    Sweet! Thanks!
  • Thanks!
  • @Tomigon, can you remove the watermark from this? I plan on using these 4 in cards in the future.
  • @Ranshi
    The artist says "Please do not use" in the description.
  • Oop.... I missed that.
  • @Tomigon
    Could you make this not look like a pirate, and more like a teacher, with the face of Duolingo - The worlds best way to learn a languageDuolingo, any pic of duo as the face will do. 

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    Is possible paint her hair with a light pink?  :)

  • @MTG_Sappy
    Their art style is different and those two birds are different species. And I would need to draw costume and background. Drawing a new art would be easier.
    If you find me an art of a teacher, I can just put Duolingo's face to it.

    That's easy!
  • @Tomigon
    In that case can you just make the green bird pirate dude look like a teacher?
  • @MTG_Sappy
    Sorry to disappoint you but that's more than photoshopping. Because I need to design things-(costume, face, muscles, pose, background, almost everything). 
  • @Tomigon
    Very, very, very thanks  :)

  • @CassZero
    Nice! I can also make her cape green.

  • Which Art Teacher PD is Best for Me - The Art of Education UniversityDuolingo Public Art Opportunity Information Session Duolingo at Duolingo  Pittsburgh PA Public Artcan you make this teachers head duolingos and have the arms and such be green
  • @MTG_Sappy
    I can but I feel that would be anatomically weird. Also green skin won't go well with the color of the background. I'm making something else instead rn
  • @Tomigon
    Its perfect, what art did you use so I can credit it?
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    Can you give this angel statue some glowing "eyes" and a bit of a glow in her chest, along with a bit of small strands textured like this piece of art?
    If you're ok with getting two requests at a time, can you make the green in this artwork a sort of darkish purple-red, keeping the red-brown stuff? Maybe add a bit of a glow in the chest and add some glowy regions on the tentacles and fingers?

    Sorry if this is an extremely complicated request. I feel like having a bit of customized art is cool.

    Edit: I realized I did not specify the color for the glow. Can it be like an orange-yellow color?
  • @MTG_Sappy
    Images I used all said they are free, so I think you don't need to credit. 

    "strand" is a new English word for me so I don't know what you meant by that. Is it something like this?

    The next art is a bit abstract and I can't exactly tell  which part is its chest, tentacles or fingers.
    If I add glow, I need to make that area darker first, but the background is brighter than the creature. If I make the background darker, it becomes more difficult to tell the creature's shape. I don't know what to do. Here's an image that I tried something-

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    Holy wow that was fast.

    1. By "strand" I mean a tendril or small ropey "vine", like the tentacles or small projections of the second image. Just put some of them near the back of the statue or something. Also, I really like the background of the image. Seems nice and dark.

    2. The second image looks great, but I intended it to have a slightly more muted color scheme. 

    3. Maybe you could do something like this for the glow? Also, I just realized that having glow in the chest would probably be better than the glow in the fingers.

    4. Here's a full image of the second artwork for you. The red and purple colors scattered in the image are more what I'm going for.

    You did a fantastic job man. I should have added a little more specificity to the initial post.
  • @FourEyesIsAFish

    It's difficult to edit these style of art which their brushworks are rough yet precise.
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    Beautiful. I was implying on the angel for the first one, but they work PERFECTLY.


    This girl has already gotten her art replaced. I love it.
  • @FourEyesIsAFish
    Oh, these are for transformation card. Now I think I understand what you wanted a little more.

  • Jeez, that looks FANTASTIC! I'll be making the card representing that in a little bit.
  • @Tomigon, this is a little weird: Could you edit Alexander Clamilton so that his head is a Taco? 

    Alexander Clamilton
  • That is weird @Ral1000
  • See... I told you it was weird!

  • Thank you @Tomigon. This looks amazing! (:
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