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  • Note that ArmisJoe acutally called it "trascend" but I believe that was a spelling error for "transcend".

    This is true. English isn't my first language so I got it wrong the first time.  :#
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    @TenebrisNemo, the best wording would be:

    Hexshield [Cost] (This permanent has hexproof. Any player may pay [Cost] anytime to remove hexproof from it until end of turn.)
  • Ephemeral by @Beeswax ! I'm using the updated wording by @IronCrusher .

  • @joemamajoe
    That makes the mechanic a little different.
    The wording I put on the list uses the template of Leonin Arbiter, fyi.

  • @Tomigon, I fixed the wording.
  • Using "Hexshield" by Pepperoni, but I changed the name to Harmlessness .

    Mishka Curious Cub
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    Painborn by Animist:

    Demon of Cravings

    Edit: Slightly changed the wording on the last ability AND changed from Orzhov colors to Rakdos colors.
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    Alrighty, here are a few entries.

    Entry#1, utilizing Rebirth by Suicidal Deity

    Entry#2: Utilizing ephemeral by Beeswax (and my wording update.)

    Entry #3: Utilizing hexshield by Pepperoni

    Entry #4, utilizing animosity by Tomigon

    Entry #5, utilizing animosity by Tomigon

    Hope any of ya'll enjoyed any of these!
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    Rebirth By @Suicidal_Deity

    Surging Lavrelix
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    Entry Deleted.
  • @Tomigon About how much time will I have to enter tomorrow before you judge? I’m trying to work on an entry, but need to sleep right now.
  • @shadow123
    I'm going to judge tomorrow at this time. So you have 24 hours to enter.
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    Restore by @sorinjace

    I edited it a little so that you could choose what type of cards to shuffle into your library.

    This took time to make, but here it is!

  • Using my version of Revan's custom mechanic Mount, which Tommia helped to adjust.

    Original: Mount [cost] ([cost]: Attach this creature to another creature you control. It can't attack or block.)

    My version: Mount 'creature type' [cost] ([cost]: If this creature isn't mounted, put this creature over target unmounted 'creature type' creature you own, mounting it until either leaves the battlefield. This creature can't attack or block for as long as it's mounted.)

    Dragonfire Marksman

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    It's time to announce the winners!!!

    1st Place
    Bestower of Authority by @jiklemania2 (+1/4 cp)
    First of all, this is a color pie break. Black card draw effect should cost you your life or your creature's life. But I chose to pick this card as the first place because the idea is very creative!

    2nd place
    "Renew // Awaken" by @shadow123 ;
    Adding search effect to restore is a nice idea. It feels slightly black though, because it can basically bring creature back from your graveyard to the battlefield.

    3rd place
    "Dragonfire Marksman" by @TenebrisNemo ;
    I like the adjustment you and @Tommia did! It's a little wordy but at least it's not banding!

    @jiklemania2, @shadow123, @TenebrisNemo , each of you can choose up to two custom mechanics for future challenges. Pick any mechanics you can find in Mechanic Encyclopedia for ALL or Tome of TheMechanix, or you can make new mechanics! Comment on this thread or send me PM. If you don't want to choose, that's also ok!

  • Wow, I did not expect that! Thanks so much, @Tomigon! Since I have a lot of things to do this week, I won't choose two mechanics. 
  • @jicklemania2, no offense, I really thought Shadow would win that. Nice job!
  • @joemamajoe I was hoping! It looks like this Circuit Season is over for me.

    @jicklemania2 Congrats on your victory!
  • @shadow123, I don't think your card seems black at all.
  • @joemamajoe it's black because casting both halves essentially just reanimates a creature from your graveyard
  • @joemamajoe , Usearname is correct. Both sides essentially reanimate a creature card, although it is much, much more inefficient. I thought it would be okay, but I guess that's what caused my card not to win.
  • @shadow123, adding two green mechanics shouldn't equal black. If that was true, a lot of cards would have different color identities like Dusk // Dawn multiverseid=426912&part=Dusk
  • @joemamajoe the card as a whole is white aligned
  • @Usaername, it can totally be a black card if both sides where added together.
  • @joemamajoe how? Black tends to get less boardwipes than white as a rule, and when it does it usually kills smaller creatures, see ritual of soot. the returning of creature cards could be black, but white also does reanimate and cares about creatures with power 2 or less, see mentor of the meek
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    @Tomigon - Thanks for the 3rd place! I was a little afraid to touch mount mechanic, but I'm glad Tommia helped me out! Now I think I like it so much that I want to use it now and then!

    In any case, I would like to choose these two mechanics for future challenges. I chose them when I got the 1st place last time, and just want to mention them again in hopes that they get picked soon!

    "Fast" by me! (Creatures with first strike, double strike, or haste are fast.)

    "Dauntless" by @Jonteman93!
    Dauntless - if an opponent controls more creatures than you, (effect…)
    Dauntless - (effect) as long as an opponent controls more creatures than you.
    Dauntless - [Cost]: (effect). Activate this ability only if an opponent controls more creatures than you.
  • Circuit Points Awarded!
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