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  • Scaccogaming
    Hey, sorry for the bother, but I wanted to talk to you about my Planar Bang submission. It's a lot of cards, so I'll give you a link: https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/Scaccogaming/sets/52519

    On paper, they wouldn't look like they are a faction, because just some of them actually share colors. The idea behind all this, is that after the creation of Draumasil, and after dreams and nightmares became a thing, other emotions started to arise, manifesting themselves. 

    I could perhaps expand their lore, but I want to know your opinion about it.
    May 17
    • Xero0
      I like them

      you could count them as a 5 colored faction, but how many of them would there be?, would there only be as many as the 22 major arcana cards like you've made so far? or would there be more, I dont mean in card form btw, I mean, lore wise

      cause they could be a minor faction if they're small; just like the followers of the forgotten gods (the nephilim) in ravnika, wich have only gotten 1 or 2 cards each set in ravnika (aside from the 1 time the nephilim came up)

      I might allow for a small and a big 5 colored faction to both win, but I likelly wont allow 2 small and 2 big five colored factions to win

      also this is my wall, not direct message, lmao